Southern California Cyclist Struck By Car

A motorist struck a California cyclist on January 27, according to the Imperial Valley Press. The driver struck the cyclist in his Honda Accord. The victim did not have identification on him, but police identified him as a Calexico resident. Rescuers rushed him to the University of California San Diego Medical Center’s intensive care unit following the bicycle accident on Yourman Road in Calexico.

The victim is in serious but stable condition, according to Sgt. Herman Duran of the Calexico Police Department. According to reports, the cyclist was stopped in the road bent over his bicycle when he was hit, possibly trying to fix something on the bike.

It was dark out and the lighting on the road is poor. The female driver was not cited. This is a tragic reminder that cyclists need to be careful of their surroundings. Always wear visible clothing, and never assume that motorists can see you. The cyclist should been a safe distance away from the road before the cyclist attempted to work on his bike.

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