Police Search for Motorist Who Struck Young Cyclist

A motorist critically injured a 13-year-old girl after striking her in a hit-and-run collision on February 6, according to the Los Angeles Times. The girl was riding her bike in Santa Ana on Greenville Street when the car struck her and then took off, according to police reports. She is in the hospital, but doctors expect her to survive.

“The driver fled the scene, making no attempt to stop or check on the condition of the injured girl,” says Santa Ana Police Officer Anthony Bertagna. Several other motorists stopped to assist the young girl and called an ambulance. A potential witness, identified as a Latino man driving a black Chevrolet Suburban, left the scene as police arrived. Police are attempting to locate the man. There are no other witnesses and no vehicle description for the car who struck the cyclist.

The young girl suffered multiple fractures and internal organ injuries, but is slowly improving.

Sometimes a bicycle accident is unavoidable, but there is never an excuse for fleeing the scene. This young girl is lucky to be alive, and hopefully the authorities find this motorist quickly.

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