Southern California Promotes Cycling With Bike Garages

Los Angeles is now offering parking garages exclusively for bicycles, according to The storage garages for cyclists commuting in the city for work, shopping or dining first popped up in Burbank and Santa Monica.

The garage in Burbank is referred to as the “Bike Stop” and offers 40 secure parking stalls and even a repair stand for cyclists. Officials are hopeful the facilities will encourage people to cycle and use public transportation as an alternative to driving. It is located right next to the Burbank Metrolink station.

The Bicycle Transportation Account helped with funding for the project, and they bike stops are anticipating another $7.2 million in funding for future projects.

“The number of projects awarded to provide bike racks, bike parking garages and/or bicycle lockers has remained fairly constant at two to three a year,” said program manager Penny Gray. “These types of projects do encourage bicycling to mass transit hubs. If proper, accessible, and secure facilities are provided, bicyclists may not need to transport their bicycles with them on mass transit which can often bring another level of frustration to multi-modal travelers.”

Hopefully these projects that encourage bicycle safety continue in Southern California. Would you be more likely to take a bus and bike if you did not have to haul your bike on and off the bus?

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