Bicycle Safety Advocate Struck By Car While Riding

Avid cyclist Patrick Ytsma, 53, is still recovering from injuries he sustained in a bicycle accident in Pennsylvania, according to Ytsma was riding when he an elderly woman struck him with her car. According to friends, Ytsma is an advocate of bicycle safety rules and is always urging cyclists to be cautious. The name of the driver was not released and police are still investigating the accident. Ytsma, as always, was wearing a bicycle helmet.

“I thought he’s the one person who would not have an accident because he has been cycling his whole life,” said Itie Ytsma, his mother. “I’m so upset.”

Ytsma is very well known in the local cycling community. Other cyclists respect and admire him. Many were shaken up by the news.

“It’s just sad,” said friend Anthony Lauro. “He always had the safety stuff. He always wore a helmet. When we used to go riding, he would follow every single traffic sign. Stop sign, yield. He followed it to the letter of the law.”

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