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How to Guide: Dealing with an Angry Driver

In San Diego, we are fortunate to have an abundance of bike lanes. This helps to avert many of the confrontations between angry drivers and cyclists that all cities have. When you do find yourself on the road and have a driver act less than friendly towards you, here’s what to do to avoid escalating the situation more than need be. How to Deal with an Angry Driver Don’t react – When a driver is yelling at you for seemingly no reason, sometimes it’s really nothing to do with you. After a stressful day at work, traffic can be the tip-over point that induces a road rage beholden to no form of logic. In these instances, the best action to take is usually to ignore them and let them pass you. Respond positively – If the driver is out to get you and won’t stop bothering you, try to acknowledge…
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4 Practices to Quit Doing Before Your Bike Workout

A daily workout practice is an importance part of any healthy lifestyle. In implementing this lifestyle correctly, it’s important that we prepare for it correctly. Replacing the wrong pre-workout practices with the right ones can help you get the most out of every bike ride. Here are some of the most common practices to quit doing before your bike workout. Practices to Quit Doing Before Your Bike Workout Eating vegetables and fatty meat – A diet of mostly meats and vegetables is a great decision. Your pre-workout meal, however, should be an exception to this. Before your bike workout, you want to get your energy from calories that your body will digest quickly and easily. This means food with lots of refined carbohydrates and as little fiber and fatty protein as possible. Try small meals like protein bars or whole-grain toast with peanut butter. Cleansing or Fasting – While you…
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Tips for Safer Pedaling Through the Streets of San Diego

Bicycle safety is extremely important for a community like San Diego, which are known for having a high population of cyclists. Whether you are a fair weather rider or a daily cyclist, a little extra bike safety knowledge can keep you out of harm’s way. Avoid riding during rush hour- Almost 70 percent of all bicycle accidents in San Diego occur between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. Avoid University Avenue- a study by Circulate San Diego released a study that showed that about 30 percent of bike accidents happened on the same eight roads, and that University Avenue was the most dangerous. Streets like University Ave. that have wide lanes, parked cars on the side, and no bike lanes are considerably more dangerous than other streets. Use streets with bike lanes- Studies have shown that streets with designated bike lanes reduce the risk of being hit by 50 percent….
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