4 Key Tips for Biking in the Rain

Photo of a cyclist on the groundBiking in the rain can be fun, but it’s never ideal. It involves planning for your trip with more care. Rainy weather doesn’t need to keep you off the trail, however. By utilizing these tips, you can keep both yourself and your bicycle safe and well-cared for, rain or shine.

Tips for Biking in the Rain

  • Wear wet gear – Investing in at least a rain jacket and rain pants is a must. You will be miserable without them. For one, by wearing brightly colored gear, you’ll increase your visibility to the cars driving passed you. Plus, it’ll help by both insulating from the wind and keeping you dry. On that note, waterproof socks are never a bad idea.
  • Allow for more time – Slippery roads mean that you will have to ride cautiously and slowly. This means that you’ll probably only travel about 75 percent as far as you normally would in dry weather. Plan your route accordingly.
  • Clean your bike afterwards – The sooner you do it, the easier it will be. If you hose off your bike when it’s still nice and muddy, the grit and grime will come off much easier than after it cakes on as hard, dry dirt. On top of that, keeping your bike clean will extend its life by preventing it from wearing down as quickly.
  • Oil your bike – Apply the lube mostly to the chain, but also to the brake and gear cables. This will ensure that your bike is riding smoothly.

These basics will help keep you riding rain or shine. The next time it’s raining, you won’t be inside, looking longingly at your bike. You’ll be out in the rain, splashing through puddles while staying safe, warm, and dry.


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