What are the Benefits of Biking to Work?

What are the Benefits of Biking to Work?Some people will never have any desire to make cycling their hobby, and that’s okay. Others, however, are on the cusp of getting into the practice of daily riding. They only need some added motivation. This post is for them. Here are some of the best benefits of biking to work every day.

Benefits of Biking to Work

  • Health – Biking is beneficial for your body and brain. It burns calories on the way to building your endurance and strength. On top of that, it’s like meditation in motion for your brain, allowing you to feel more focused and less stressed. When surveyed, men who increased their daily bike commute saw improvements to their mental health, including reaction time, memory, and creative thinking.
  • Safety – Believe it or not, biking involves less danger that driving or even than walking. In California, a pedestrian has a nearly 4 times greater chance of fatal injury than a cyclist does, per mile. If fact, the risk of any injury while cycling in California has dropped almost 50 percent in the last 15 years. Biking even makes it safer for those walking and driving, as well!
  • Environment – The average car produces about 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide on its way to and from work each year (based off a ten-mile commute). By biking instead of driving, you are saving the environment from a tremendous amount of pollution each year. Plus, you are greatly reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • Enjoyment – Let’s face it, biking is more fun than being stuck in traffic. Here in San Diego, we rarely even have to worry about bad weather (sorry Seattle). There’s no excuse not to bike to work. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and biking helps to transform a boring commute into something fun.

It can be difficult to leave the comfort of the interior of your car behind. As is often the case, however, the relative discomfort of biking to work brings about benefits which make the discomfort well worth it. Ditch your car, and ride your way to health and happiness.

Joshua Bonnici is a cycling enthusiast and a San Diego personal injury attorney dedicated to bicycle safety and helping the victims of bicycle accidents.

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