Reach for the Stars: The Benefits of Setting High Goals for Yourself

Reach for the Stars: The Benefits of Setting High Goals for YourselfWhat’s your New Year’s resolution? Many of us like to set smaller, more achievable goals for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it’s important that you do set those goals. But do you know what is also hugely beneficial? Setting high goals for yourself that require a lot of hard work to achieve.

Why Setting High Goals for Yourself is Crucial

There are a variety of ways that you, and even those around you can benefit from your ambitious goalsetting. A few examples include:

  • It Alters Your Expectations of Yourself – It can be harmful if your expectations for yourself are set too high, true, but it can be equally damaging, if not more so, if you expect too little of yourself. It’s important to find that middle ground, and setting higher goals than “I want to lose 10 pounds this year” can help you reach it.
  • It Encourages Others to Set Higher Goals – When you make a sincere effort to set and achieve higher goals, it can have a positive effect on the people around you as well. In many cases, your friends and family will “piggyback” off you, and try harder to achieve something themselves. How awesome does that sound?
  • You May Experience Real Growth – smaller goals are great for accomplishing… well, smaller things. If you want to really make a change, achieve something truly wonderful, you’re going to have to set the bar a little higher. After all, nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Whether you’re coming up with New Year’s resolutions, or are just looking to make a real impact in your own life, it’s important to have the self-confidence to aim high. With the right attitude and support system, you really can achieve anything.

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