California Governor Vetoes Bicycle Safety Bill, Aims To Improve It

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bicycle safety bill earlier this month, claiming it would cause more accidents than it would prevent, according to The Los Angeles Times.  The proposed legislation required all motorists to give cyclists a 3-foot space while passing them and slow to 15 mph.  Governor Brown was concerned that the new law would lead to an increase in car accidents and put both motorists and cyclists at a greater risk.

“On streets with speed limits of 35 to 40 mph, slowing to 15 mph to pass a bicycle could cause rear-end collisions,” said Governor Brown.  “On other roads, a bicycle may travel at or near 15 mph, creating a long line of cars behind the cyclist.”

Governor Brown says he is willing to work on the bill so long as his concerns are addressed.  What do you think? Are his concerns valid, or would you like to see this bill passed without changes?

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