Long Beach Researches How To Allocate Funding For Bicycle And Pedestrian Safety

Long Beach city officials are conducting their fourth annual bicycle and pedestrian count for research purposes, according to the Daily 49er.  The purpose of the count and survey is to let the city know where they could improve and allocate resources for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The Los Angeles Country Department of Public Health is asking 300 students and volunteers to conduct the counts in 35 strategically determined locations.

“Students are motivated to be a part of positive change in a city where the university is, especially students who have struggled with finding bike routes to campus and want to be part of the solution,” said program coordinator Elissa Thomas.

It is refreshing to see a community not only allocate funds for bicycle safety, but to take the time to make sure they are spending the money wisely.  Wouldn’t you like to see this sort of action taken in your community?

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