Cyclist Killed After Becoming Pinned Beneath Truck

A cyclist in Corona Del Mar was killed after she was pinned beneath a truck making a right hand turn, according to sources. Sarah Leaf, 29, lost control of her bicycle and fell between the tires of a truck. The truck driver did not notice and proceeded to drive away, crushing Leaf. There has been an outcry from the local cycling community after charges were not filed against the driver.

“It was a very, very unfortunate accident,” said Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson. “I caution you to keep that in mind. I think the natural reaction is to go on the offensive. We look for facts and what do the facts show us. There’s a lot of misinformation out there—a lot of misinformation.”

According to Deputy Chief David McGill, the truck was behind two other cars waiting to turn right. There was no bike lane on the road.

“The truck and Sarah turned simultaneously, from what we can tell,” said McGill.

This is a tragedy and our heart goes out to Leaf’s family. Cyclists should never assume that motorists can see them. It is tragic to think that maybe this accident would not have occurred had there been a proper bike lane.

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