Cyclist Killed In Collision In Carlsbad

A cyclist in Carlsbad was killed on May 2 when a motorist struck him as he was riding, according to Carlsbad Patch. Eric Ringdahl, 45, was riding northbound with one other cyclist on El Camino Real when he was hit by a car from behind.

Ringdahl was wearing a helmet but still suffered head trauma, according to the Carlsbad Fire Department. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Both Ringdahl and the other cyclist were riding in a marked bike lane.

Ringdahl leaves behind a wife and two young children. According to police reports, the driver of the vehicle involved fell asleep behind the wheel after working a night shift as a nurse. No charges have been filed against the driver. A white ghost bike has been placed at the scene of the bicycle accident to commemorate Ringdahl and warn other motorists and cyclists of the ever-present danger that comes with riding.

Some area cyclists are disturbed that no charges were filed against the driver involved in this accident. Some people believe the driver made a conscious decision to get behind the wheel while fatigued to the point where he or she was a danger to other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

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Tip of the week: It is wise to equip either your bike or bicycle helmet with rear-view mirrors so you can see motorists who may be crossing into bike lanes, either to make a turn or inadvertently. 

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