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How New Helmet Testing System is Keeping You Safe

Wearing a bike helmet is one of the most important safety rules of cycling. It can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a cycling accident. All bike helmets in the US must pass a series of safety tests. However, these test often don’t take into account the different angles you might hit your head upon impact or varying speeds at which the accident could occur. A new safety rating system was developed by Virginia Tech and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to ensure that cyclists are aware of how well helmets on the market are protecting them from injury. The study concluded that, though no helmets failed the new testing, some helmets provide more protection against injury than others. How The New System Differs From The Old IIHS, along with Helmet Lab, tested 30 popular adult bike helmets to standards that simulate more real-world…
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Cyclist Killed In Collision In Carlsbad

A cyclist in Carlsbad was killed on May 2 when a motorist struck him as he was riding, according to Carlsbad Patch. Eric Ringdahl, 45, was riding northbound with one other cyclist on El Camino Real when he was hit by a car from behind. Ringdahl was wearing a helmet but still suffered head trauma, according to the Carlsbad Fire Department. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Both Ringdahl and the other cyclist were riding in a marked bike lane. Ringdahl leaves behind a wife and two young children. According to police reports, the driver of the vehicle involved fell asleep behind the wheel after working a night shift as a nurse. No charges have been filed against the driver. A white ghost bike has been placed at the scene of the bicycle accident to commemorate Ringdahl and warn other motorists and cyclists of the ever-present danger that comes…
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Injured In A Poway Bicycle Accident?

Poway is a suburb in San Diego County that was an unincorporated district until 1980. Poway offers scenic mountain views of the Twin Peaks in Southern California and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. If you are looking to get some fresh air and relax, Poway might be a good choice. The city is home to more than 4,700 acres of open space and 55+ miles of trails in its 25 parks. Poway is accommodating to street cyclists as well as mountain bikers. Trails winding through the mountains and woods of Aubrey Park, the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Old Poway Park, Starridge Park and Lake Poway offer cyclists a change of pace from streets and typical bike paths. Espola Road is a scenic route that many cyclists enjoy to ride along, although it can become congested with heavy vehicle traffic. Poway is home to the annual Nick…
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