Cyclist Receives $6 Million Settlement after Accident

An unnamed corporation has agreed to a lawsuit settlement with a 32-year-old man who was injured in a bicycle accident in November of 2009, according to the OC Weekly. The accident occurred at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana when an airport shuttle struck the cyclist. The name of the defendant and the plaintiff are both kept confidential due to terms of the settlement, according to John Wayne Airport.

According to reports, “a large multi-national corporation” agreed to pay the plaintiff $6 million in damages. The night of the accident, the shuttle pulled up to the airport exit and stopped. As it was pulling back onto the roadway, it hit the passing cyclist and rolled over him, fracturing his pelvis and damaging internal organs.

According to the OC Weekly, the defense argued that the cyclist was wearing dark clothing and was under the influence of marijuana and prescription medication at the time of the accident. Whatever the circumstances were, the company agreed to a large settlement.

It is important that you are visible to motorists when you ride at night. Even if the bus driver is at fault here, this accident may have been avoided had the driver seen the cyclist.

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