Cyclist Thankful After Being Saved By Good Samaritans

A bicyclist in Utah is thankful for the people who came to his rescue, referring to them as heroes.  23-year-old Paul Heaton, a student at the University of Utah, was just released from the hospital in late October.  Heaton was pinned underneath a car before good Samaritans lifted it off him.  He said he misjudged the speed of the oncoming car and forgave the driver.

“I understand.  Things happen, man.  It’s OK.  I forgive him,” says Heaton, who served for the National Guard in Iraq.  “It’s an accident.  Accidents happen.”

He still is healing—his right elbow is shattered, his left forearm is fractured and his shoulder and other elbow are severely injured.  His bicycle helmet prevented a major brain injury—or possibly saved his life.  Another thing that possibly saved his life was the help of the strangers.  When they approached him as he was pinned under the car he told them to go get a jack, but they decided there was no time and lifted the car off of him.  It took six people to lift the vehicle.

“So much pressure was laying on it that I wasn’t going to be lasting that much longer,” said Heaton.  “I’m pretty sure that I would have had my pelvis or my hips just shattered.”

“They’re heroes to me.  The doctor definitely is,” says Heaton.  “I’m like, you guys are awesome.  They might not see it everywhere else, but you guys are heroes.”

This should serve as a reminder to all cyclists about the importance of wearing proper equipment and following bicycle safety laws.  Heaton’s helmet saved him from more severe injuries.

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