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What are the Benefits of Biking to Work?

Some people will never have any desire to make cycling their hobby, and that’s okay. Others, however, are on the cusp of getting into the practice of daily riding. They only need some added motivation. This post is for them. Here are some of the best benefits of biking to work every day. Benefits of Biking to Work Health – Biking is beneficial for your body and brain. It burns calories on the way to building your endurance and strength. On top of that, it’s like meditation in motion for your brain, allowing you to feel more focused and less stressed. When surveyed, men who increased their daily bike commute saw improvements to their mental health, including reaction time, memory, and creative thinking. Safety – Believe it or not, biking involves less danger that driving or even than walking. In California, a pedestrian has a nearly 4 times greater chance…
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5 Things I Desperately Wish I Knew When I First Started Riding a Bike to Work

Hindsight is 20/20, right? When looking back on your life, many would say it’s best to not have any regrets. I won’t say that I regret anything, but I definitely wish I had known then what I know now about riding a bike to work. 5 Things I Wish the Old Me Knew About Riding a Bike to Work Learn a Little Bike Maintenance – Watch a few YouTube videos so that you know how to keep your bike running like a champ, or even make small repairs as needed. Overtime, it could end up saving you hundreds or more dollars, and help you to get yourself out of a bind on your own. Be Serious About Bike Locking – People steal bikes. Every day. All day long. It’s not an exaggeration. The best practice is to use two different kinds of bike locks, and make sure that your lock…
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May Is National Bike Month – How You Can Get Involved

May is National Bike Month, and there is a lot that San Diego cyclists can do to get involved. Throughout National Bike Month, we will regularly update our blog with posts on how you can get your bicycle ready, issues affecting cyclists in San Diego and upcoming events. Bike to Work Day to Advocate for San Diego Cyclists One of several events during National Bike Month will be Bike to Work Day, where cyclists can set aside the boredom of traditional vehicles and enjoy the beautiful San Diego outdoors. On May 15th, invite coworkers and friends to give cycling a chance for a day. Not only is it good for the environment, it is great for physical and mental health. The San Diego Bicycle Coalition hopes that cyclists can collectively break 25,000 miles on Bike to Work Day. Cycling advocates will use the event to encourage city officials to provide…
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