How Do I Teach My Kids About Bicycle Safety?

Always be cautious around angry driversTeaching your kid to ride a bike is one of the brightest moments in any parent’s life, especially for those who are avid riders themselves. Teaching children about bicycle safety may not always be met with the enthusiasm you would hope, but it is the most important thing your son or daughter can hope to know about riding a bike.

Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids and Beginners

Here are a few bicycle safety tips for beginning riders and children just putting feet to pedals.

  • Wear the Helmet Right – Not only is it imperative to wear a helmet as a beginner, but it is equally important that the helmet fits correctly. Make sure your kids aren’t wearing their helmet too loose.
  • Ride with Traffic – A lot of beginners are tempted to ride against traffic so that they can see the cars coming, but tell your kids that it is actually safer to ride on the right side of the street with traffic.
  • Light at Night – Once it starts getting dark, make sure to use all the required lighting and reflective gear. Whether it’s dusk or dawn, tell your kids to use their lights so that drivers are more likely to see them.
  • Never Take Both Hands Off the Handlebars – Kids may think it’s cool to ride a bike with no hands, but make sure they know just how uncool it really is. Not being in control of the bike is most certainly NOT cool.
  • Stop at Stop Signs – Cyclists, even the cute little ones, are required to obey the same traffic laws as drivers. This means that your kids have to stop at stop signs, no exceptions.
  • Look Out for Parked Cars – One of the most common bicycle accidents adult cyclists find themselves in is collisions with car doors. Make sure your kids understand that someone may open a parked car’s door and hit them, so they should give parked cars ample space when they pass.

The most important tip for young cyclists, however, is to always have fun. Cycling is supposed to be fun and healthy, so don’t let there be any frowns out there.

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