5 Tips for Biking Uphill

Active young bikers with safety gears cycling on urban roadLove everything else about a particular bike route but having trouble getting over the hill? At some point, chanting “I think I can, I think I can” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to learn how to make biking uphill as easy as coasting downhill, then we can’t help you. However, these five tips will make it more bearable.

  • Get Loose – It is important that you keep your upper body relaxed. Straining your upper body will quickly waste energy. Try flaring your elbows out past your handlebars to open up breathing and prevent your lateral muscles from stretching.
  • Breathe Deep – It’s not uncommon for cyclists to get in the habit of taking short, shallow breaths, but you need to take deeper breaths to efficiently replenish oxygen. Practice filling your lungs entirely while cycling before riding a bike uphill.
  • Pace Yourself – Slow is fast. Trying to blast from the bottom to the top too fast will cause a burnout. Instead, start slow and gradually pick up pace as you get further up, kicking it in to hyper speed for the last bit.
  • Sit Down – It takes about 5 percent more energy to stand while cycling uphill than it does to sit. Keep your booty in the saddle and lean back a little to get the maximum leverage on the pedals. Only stand up if you need a break from sitting, and keep your weight over the crank, not in front.
  • Use the Right Gear – Use the easiest gear. Who are you showing off to? Rather than using big gears and peddling like a hamster losing control of the wheel, gear down. Stay in a more comfortable gear until you make it to the top, then continue to be comfortable.

Start following these tips and we promise that big, bad hill will start looking smaller and smaller. See you on the other side.