Cyclist Assaults Motorist Following Collision

A bicycle accident on October 1 in Oregon lead to an assault on the driver of a vehicle that struck a cyclist, according to The Southern Oregon Mail Tribune.

20-year-old Ryan Pridemore was riding his bicycle with 19-year-old Chelsea Logue as his passenger when 20-year-old Ryan Burton’s car struck them.  After the collision, Logue fell to the ground, suffering minor injuries that were treated at Providence Medford Medical Center.  After the accident, Pridemore assaulted Burton, punching him several times in the face, according to police reports.  Pridemore was issued a citation for violating bicycle safety laws by having a passenger on his bike.

Police say that the cyclist failed to stop at an intersection and that the vehicle was already passing through the intersection.  Normally, cyclists have the same responsibilities as drivers, including stopping at red lights and stop signs.

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