Young Boy Killed In Tragic Bicycle Accident

A third grade boy died in a tragic bicycle accident in Connecticut on October 3.  According to reports, 8-year-old Aidin-Paul Hannan flipped over his handlebars and suffered head injuries; he was airlifted to Baystate Medical Center where he later died.  He was not wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the accident.

The initial reports said the boy was struck by a car, but investigators do not know if a vehicle was involved.

“I came to him and he was in a puddle of blood and was unconscious and not responding to anything,” said Paul Hannan, the victim’s father.  “This is the kind of thing every parent pleads with God to never let happen and, unfortunately, this happened.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing a helmet.  I should have been stressing that more…I’m hoping that somehow we can prevent this from happening again.”

This is a worst-case-scenario for any parent.  Children will always be resistant to wearing helmets, but it is the first rule for bicycle safety. How can we increase bicycle safety awareness and protect our children?

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