Officer Returns to Work After Serious Bicycle Accident

A police officer from Mason, Ohio is back on the job after an impressive recovery from a traumatic brain injury, according to Officer John Cullen nearly died after an off-duty bicycle accident back in May. He was out cycling alongside his dog near his Loveland, Ohio, home when the accident occurred.

Doctors initially told Cullen it would be 6 months before he could return to work and a year before he could resume his regular patrol duties.

Witnesses reported seeing Cullen lose control of his bike before falling. Cullen’s dog then ran into the street and stopped traffic. Cullen was rushed to the hospital, where physicians initially believed he suffered a concussion. He had actually fractured his skull in two different places. He spent 14 days in intensive care. Doctors medically released Cullen to return to work at full capacity on December 5, far ahead of schedule.

“It was a lot sooner than anybody thought it was going to be,” says Cullen.

He has not returned to patrolling duties quite yet, but it is certainly a possibility, according to Police Chief Ron Ferrell.

“If we were short on the road on any particular shift, then we would use John in that capacity right now,” says Ferrell.

Cullen says he has yet to return to cycling. He was not wearing a bicycle helmet. He has no current plans to continue cycling.

“That doesn’t say I won’t,” said Cullen.

Cullen was lucky to survive the accident. Cyclists should always remember to always wear a helmet and protective equipment, as well as to follow bicycle safety laws.

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