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Proper Braking Techniques for San Diego Cyclists

Braking is one of the most essential skills for a cyclist to master, but even if you have been riding since you were a kid, you may not know everything there is to know about safe, effective and proper braking. When you apply the brake, push your body weight backwards. When you brake, your body naturally shifts forward toward the front wheel, meaning that the majority of your braking power goes to the front brake. By leaning back, you even out your braking power, making it easier to control your bike and brake effectively. This is especially useful if you must brake from high speed; it helps prevent flying over your handlebars. To practice this technique, you can do emergency stops in a parking lot or a grass field. Avoid braking while turning. Ideally, you want to slow down, get low and take your turns smoothly, but if you absolutely…
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What to Do After a “Right Hook” Bicycle Accident

One of the most common types of bicycle accident is the “right hook” bicycle accident. “Right hook” bicycle accidents occur when a vehicle takes a right turn and cuts off a bicyclist. There are, generally, three ways that this occurs: A vehicle is waiting at a red light when a cyclist stops on the right. When the light turns green, the driver of the vehicle takes a right, running into the cyclist. To make yourself less likely to be involved in this kind of accident, avoid the vehicle’s blind spots. Stop slightly ahead of the vehicle or directly behind it. Do not try to get ahead of the vehicle when the light turns green. A driver is traveling faster than the cyclist and passes him or her. The driver then suddenly turns right across the cyclist’s path, causing the cyclist to crash into the side of the vehicle. To avoid…
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How Do I Get Stoplights to See Me While Cycling?

It’s not legal in California to roll through stoplights yet – though the “Idaho Stop,” as they call it, may become legal soon – so while cycling, you’re still required to obey traffic signals. But sometimes you are cycling and you get stuck at a red light that just won’t seem to turn. Crossing the intersection during a red light would be dangerous, and there are cars building up behind you. How do you get the light to change? Traffic signals are triggered not by weight, but by an electrical current induced by the metal of your bike. So, if you have metal wheels or a metal frame, the signal should be able to detect you. However, you have to be in the right place. Sometimes, you can look at the pavement and see the cuts the city made to lay down the wires. If the cuts are circular, your…
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